About Pamela

pamela-plotkinPamela Plotkin



Personally Speaking            

As the parent of a teenage boy entering high school, Pamela recognized there was no time to waste in laying the groundwork for admission to college, particularly considering the overwhelming requirements and competitiveness of the current admissions arena.  So while her son, Evan, did the hard work in high school, Pamela became an expert in all aspects of college admissions.  She discovered a natural talent and affinity for college advising while assisting her son, his friends, and family members. Through Admission Essentials, LLC, Pamela is broadening her efforts to provide a service she finds enormously fulfilling–  helping students achieve and accomplish their dream of getting into a great college.  It certainly worked for Evan.  He was admitted to every school he applied to, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC.  [He chose to enroll at Stanford.]


Her Credentials

Pamela has a degree (B.S.) in Public Affairs from the University of Southern California and a law degree (J.D.) from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law).  For many years, she successfully litigated cases involving tax law and accounting issues, both publicly, as counsel for the IRS, and later in private practice.  She is a member of the California State Bar.


Pamela’s experience as a tax attorney has proven valuable when advising on tuition and other financial planning for college.  Her facility with income tax returns and tax issues, particularly issues concerning the reporting of income and assets, has been beneficial when assisting with financial aid forms and applications.  It is precisely these type of issues that are the key to determining aid eligibility.  A former litigator, Pamela’s background in analytical reasoning and persuasive writing has been an advantage when advising on, and editing, students’ personal statements and college essays.


Pamela’s enthusiasm for college advising led her back to school, where she completed the Certificate in College Counseling program at UCLA.  She is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), and the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA).  These professional organizations offer substantial opportunities to network with college admissions officers and other counselors and generally keep abreast of the latest trends in college admissions.  Pamela also has visited numerous colleges and universities (including all those mentioned above), so she is able to offer students first-hand information on their various qualities (good and bad).