College Admissions

Columbia Univ. LibraryThe Initial Consultation

An in-depth meeting with student and parent(s) to discuss our academically and financially integrative approach to:

  • Laying the foundation for college admission through pre-application planning and preparation
  • Identifying “best fit” colleges and universities
  • Preparing college applications that present the best possible case for admission
  • Paying for college through tuition planning that emphasizes tax-advantaged saving and maximizing your ability to obtain scholarships and financial aid

I will gather information about the student’s academic abilities, extracurricular activities, strengths and weakness, and initiate a plan of action for gaining admission to a great college, without straining your family’s finances!


Pre-Application Groundwork

  • Evaluate the student’s career goals and aspirations, academic abilities, social and environmental preferences, likes and dislikes, and other factors, by utilizing interest inventories and self-awareness surveys
  • Assist in the selection of high school courses that will reflect the student’s highest level of achievement
  • Apprise the student of “must use” internet, print and other resources to advance his/her college knowledge and admission prospects
  • Assist in the selection of extracurricular and volunteer/community service activities
  • Assist in planning summer activities / employment
  • Assist in choosing the best method of test preparation (i.e., private tutoring vs. classes vs. self-study) based on the student’s individual needs and circumstances. [NOTE:  We do not provide test preparation services, nor are we affiliated with any test preparation service provider. We can, however, make quality recommendations/ referrals.]
  • Advise regarding planning and scheduling standardized testing (APs, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT, SATs, and ACTs) that will best demonstrate the student’s college readiness


College Application Process

  • Provide college search strategies
  • Identify appropriate target, reach and safety schools and prepare a final list of schools to apply to based on the student’s needs and wants criteria
  • Advise regarding the planning of college visits
  • Assist in preparing a Student Resume (Brag Sheet) which highlights the student’s strengths and accomplishments
  • Provide strategic guidance in weighing the pros and cons of applying Early Decision/Early Action/Rolling Admissions
  • Assist in establishing a comprehensive work plan (Schedule and To-Do List) with timelines.
  • Assist in completing compelling college applications that distinguish the student and highlight his/her strengths and accomplishments
  • Assist with all essays/personal statements, including brainstorming, topic development, outlining, and editing until the highest quality is achieved
  • Assist in identifying the best academic teachers and 3rd parties from whom to request letters of recommendation
  • Conduct mock interview(s) to prepare for on-campus, alumni, and Skype admissions interviews


Post Application Details

  • Advise students who are deferred or waitlisted on ways to maximize their chance of acceptance.
  • If a rejection appeal is required, we offer advice and assistance throughout that process.
  • Advise on finalizing the requirements for enrollment, e.g., submitting Intention to Register, housing deposit deadline, scheduling placement tests, etc.