Financial Aid

Financial Aid TabsFinancial Aid Application Process


  • Prepare a preliminary estimate of your EFC (“Expected Family Contribution”).
  • Assist in filling out all required financial aid applications and forms, including;
    • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) required for federal aid;
    • The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE required by many private colleges and universities to access their own private institutional aid;
    • State-specific financial aid applications and/or forms for state aid (e.g., Cal Grants); and
    • Any additional college or university-specific financial aid applications and/or forms.
  • Track and communicate timelines and deadlines for all required actions in the financial aid process.
  • Review for accuracy the EFC calculation contained in the Student Aid Report (“SAR”) and correct any errors.
  • Evaluate, compare and contrast financial aid award letters and advise regarding how to respond to them.
  • If an appeal based on “special circumstances” is necessary, we assist you in presenting the best case for increasing the student’s award.