October 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


  • 7 College Admission Blunders to Avoid –  The journey to college will likely go smoother if you avoid making these seven common mistakes.
  • Focus on Majors: Geology – Fascinated by rocks and minerals and the forces that shape the earth?  Geology is an interdisciplinary science that involves not only a study of the physical makeup and history of the earth, but also how humans and other life forms are affected by the earth.
  • The CSS Profile – About 400 colleges, universities and scholarship programs use a financial aid form, the CSS Profile, in addition to the FAFSA, to gather more information in order to award their own institutional funds to deserving students.
  • Show Them Some Love – Through both your responses to application questions and your actions (numerous meaningful contacts with that college), you can influence your chances of acceptance at your top college choices.  Learn how here.

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