February 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Making a Great College Match – Just like in romantic relationships, there’s more than one potential match out there if you remain open to possibilities. There’s no perfect person or college. But there are some very good schools (and people) that offer opportunities for growth and satisfaction. 
  • Focus on Majors – Film Studies – If you aspire to expose the world’s ills through documentaries, have visions of fame, fortune and financial reward, or simply long to get paid for watching movies, Film Studies may be the major of your dreams.
  • Consider Your Return on Investment – There are so many moving parts to a student’s search for the ‘right’ college – location, academic options, student services, clubs and organizations, career preparations – but none of them matters if a family is unable to afford that wonderful education.  
  • Should You Take AP Tests? – At some schools, students enrolled in AP classes are required to take the AP exam, but even so, it makes sense to take it. You may do better than you think, and after working hard in an AP class all year, why miss out on the opportunity to receive college credit? Consider these additional reasons for taking the tests.

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