June 2016 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Why Study Abroad? – Students heading off to college should think seriously about study abroad options, and factor this into their long-term planning.  For rising seniors finalizing their college lists, research study abroad programs at colleges that interest you.
  • Majoring in Industrial-Organizational Psychology – This major combines the principles of psychology and motivation with the world of business.
  • Managing College Finances – It’s not just tuition, room and board, books and fees.  Budget for all of the additional expenses that are part of the college experience.
  • The New SAT vs the ACT – What are the differences and how can you choose which test is right for you?
  • Getting Off to a Great Start at College – College is different from high school – things to consider as you transition to the next phase of your life.

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May 2016 College Counseling Newsletter


  • The Importance of Solid Safety Schools – Is there really such a thing as a “safety” school? And why are safeties an important part of the college list?
  • Majoring in Sociology – Students who graduate with a sociology degree have a strong background in research, statistical methods and data analysis, all of which can be useful in a variety of careers. Learn about this major here.
  • Tax Credits for Higher Education – Unlike a deduction, a tax credit directly reduces the amount of tax a family owes. Don’t miss out on claiming one of these tax credits for higher education.
  • Military Academies – Graduates of Military Academies receive a free education, a guaranteed job upon graduation, and the opportunity to serve their country.
  • Things to Know Before College – Seniors, make sure you’ve mastered these basic life skills before leaving home.

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April 2016 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Portfolio-Based College Applications – Learn about the continuing digital application revolution in this article that features the NEW Coalition Application and products such as ZeeMe.
  • Majoring in Gerontology – With a growing population aged 65 and older, the job prospects for students with a background in gerontology have never been better.
  • Comparing the Cost of Attendance – As seniors begin to make final decisions about college enrollment, financial issues take a lead role for many families.  Discover a 3-step method of comparing out-of-pocket costs at each of your choices.

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