June 2023 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Tradeoffs – You Probably Can’t Have It All – When you’re putting together a college list, you will probably find some things you love and some things you’re not crazy about at each school. It’s like choosing a partner. You might have a wish list of 37 characteristics, but if you hold out for every single one, you could be alone for a long time.  Some things to consider as you craft your final list.
  • Majoring in Nutritional Sciences – Americans are obsessed with food.  We spend vast amounts of time and money in a quest for the “perfect diet.”  None of us ever seems happy with our current self—we constantly seek to lose or gain weight.  By choosing to avoid meat or by not eating veal, we use our diets to make political and ethical statements.  We look to nutrition to increase both the length and quality of life, and we search for supplements to enhance physical and mental performance.  It’s no wonder that a major in nutrition science, food science, or dietetics attracts so many college students. 
  • The A to Z of College Finances – Here’s an easy alphabetical reminder of all of the financial components of the college experience. 
  • Leaving for College – A bittersweet time for both graduating seniors and their families. While it’s normal for students to feel nervous about starting college, it’s a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. This is your chance to become the person you want to be. Sure, it can be scary, but the payoff is pretty great.

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