April 2023 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Qualities of STEM Applicants –  In the face of the increasing demand for qualified graduates, competition for seats in STEM programs has become far more rigorous. In order to present a competitive application to a strong STEM program, students need to start preparing themselves as early as possible.  These are the qualities admission officers are looking for.
  • Majoring in Communications Studies – It’s #2 on Princeton Review’s List of the Top Ten Most Popular College Majors – Communication Studies. Sounds interesting and marketable, but what is it, and more importantly, can it help you get a job?
  • Appealing Financial Aid Awards – If your first choice college offers everything you want, but the price tag is daunting, don’t give up hope; consider appealing the aid award. Financial Aid Administrators can use their professional judgment to adjust the package presented.
  • Dealing with Denial – Sometimes it’s hard to move on to Plan B, but college applicants may need to deal with the reality of a denial letter from one of their top colleges.  Here are some points to remember.

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