November 2021 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Why are You Applying Here? – It may be a shorter piece, but the “WHY US” essay is as important as the long Personal Statement essay. Admission officers at many colleges believe the response to this question tells them how much effort a student has put into getting to know the college and whether she is a serious applicant who is likely to matriculate. Get tips here.
  • Majoring in Nursing – Nursing is hot! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 194,500 nursing positions will be created each year over the next decade. Finding a job will not be an issue for Registered Nurses anytime soon. Competition for nursing school is fierce but there are various paths to this career to consider.
  • Merit Awards Make Private Colleges Affordable – At private colleges, most students successfully complete their degree requirements in four years.  So, don’t let the sticker price of private colleges keep you from applying; merit scholarships may make them more affordable than you think.
  • Social Media – Think Before You Post – Applicants often want to know if colleges are fishing in the social media waters. Are colleges and universities proactively seeking out information on prospective applicants or not?
  • What is Holistic Admissions? – With the majority of US colleges now offering test-optional admission (at least for the current year), additional factors take on new importance in holistic admissions. So, what else counts?

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