January 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Is College Admission Really More Competitive? – Each year, the media makes it seem that it is getting harder and harder to be accepted to college. But is that really true? Is college admission today really more competitive?
  • The Best Colleges for Pre-meds – “The truth is that there’s not one right kind of college for a pre-med, in the same way that there’s not one right kind of doctor. Large universities, small liberal arts colleges, Ivy League schools, and everything in between: they all have their advantages and downsides.” Learn what to look for here.
  • College Loans – Paying for college is a significant challenge for many families. Once all types of grants, scholarships, work study options, jobs and family contributions are cumulatively considered, many families find they still must borrow money to cover the remaining costs. Let’s look at loan options.
  • Using Your PSAT Score Report for Planning Purposes – The PSAT is not used by colleges in the admission process, but the results can help you better understand your academic strengths and weaknesses and suggest the skills you should focus on in preparing for college entrance exams.

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