November 2019 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Considering Women’s Colleges –  Students who attend a women’s college report that they feel more ready to speak up in class, and take on greater academic risks and challenges.  Learn about the pros and cons of attending a women-only institution here.
  • The Best Majors for Lucrative Careers – Interested in return on investment?  Consider these careers if you want to earn a significant amount both soon after graduation and into your future.
  • Merit Scholarships Make Private Colleges Affordable – In 2018, the average institutional tuition discount rate reached a record high of nearly 50 percent among private colleges, meaning that their families are paying only half of the regular tuition rate.  Check this out to learn how private colleges make the experience affordable.
  • After Submitting Your Applications – Good for you! But there are still tasks to be completed even after your applications are in.  See what you need to be doing now.

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