February 2020 College Counseling Newsletter


  • School Year Campus Visits – Although many families opt for visiting college campuses during summer vacation, the school-year visit offers a truer look at student life on campus. You’ll see students walking between classes, eating in the cafeterias, sleeping on the green, studying in the library and just enjoying each other’s company. This is the best way to determine social fit.
  • Majoring in Metallurgical Engineering – Did you memorize the periodic table for fun? Did you enjoy your chemistry or physics labs? Is math your thing? If so, you might consider majoring in metallurgical engineering.
  • Understanding Net Price – Families often experience sticker shock when contemplating the cost of college, but it’s the net price, rather than the sticker price, that prospective students need to consider.
  • Elite Summer Programs – About this time, students’ mailboxes begin to fill up with fancy “invitations” to elite summer programs.  These sound like an honor, but are they?  Will attending one of these programs give you an edge in the selective admission process?

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