September 2019 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Managing Stress –  School has always been high on the list of stressors for young people – exams, tests, deadlines, organization, time management, friends, and money. Here are some ideas to help you better manage your stress level.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors–  Tomorrow’s complex problems will require a multidisciplinary approach, and narrowly-focused studies may become inadequate.  Take a look at some of the new interdisciplinary majors that allow students to combine several areas of interest.
  •  File the FAFSA as Soon After Oct. 1st as Possible –  The FAFSA should be filed as soon as possible after October 1st of the student’s senior year, and then yearly while attending college.  Here’s what families need to know about this very important financial aid form.
  • Rigor of Curriculum – Selective colleges expect to see applicants opting for a high level of rigor in their studies, within the constraints of their high school’s offerings.   You can’t design your school’s curriculum but you can control how you complete your four years of high school, so plan well for the most rigorous program you can comfortably handle while still having a balanced life.
  •  Writing a Note-Worthy Essay –  How do you make your essay famous instead of infamous? Here are some basic tips to consider.

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