April 2021 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Making Final Decisions – Some very happy students now have the enviable problem of deciding which college they want to attend.  Although some of you will be able to make a campus visit, many of you may have to decide without ever having stepped foot on campus.  Here are some things to consider.
  • Majoring in Biology – The study of biology has many areas of specialization, allowing students multiple career paths in a wide variety of fields after completing the major.  If you’re fascinated by living things, bio may be the major for you.
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages – If you’ve applied for financial aid and filed all the paperwork by the appropriate deadline, an award letter outlining a college’s offer of financial assistance should arrive close on the heels of your notification of acceptance.  Here’s a guide to understanding what that package really means.
  • Getting Good Recommendations in a Virtual World – Juniors who have spent much of this year taking classes on Zoom are faced with trying to obtain college recommendations from teachers who may not have been able to get to know them well. In order to help your recommenders from the virtual classroom, here are some things to do.

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