June 2020 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Overused Essay Topics – Many applicants do themselves a disservice by taking on topics that don’t resonate well with the admission readers, thus giving a false or incorrect impression of the writer.  Learn which topics to avoid.
  • Majoring in Philosophy – Philosophers aim to answer questions about existence, human nature, knowledge, and ethics.  Happily, the skills acquired through a study of philosophy are applicable to a wide variety of majors.
  • Before Leaving for College – There are a few legal and financial issues that should be addressed before your son or daughter goes off to college.  Here are some items each family should consider.
  • Staying Healthy – On Campus and At Home – Being sick at college is no fun because it means missing classes and social events and then catching up on your work.  Your physical and mental health will most likely determine your happiness and success both on campus and at home.  Tips for staying healthy will be found here.

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