March 2017 College Counseling Newsletter


  • College Admissions Courtship – Discover the ways in which college admissions is much like an old-fashioned dating ritual.  Not much “speed-dating” involved.
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology – Majoring in this field prepares students for a wide range of careers in scientific research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology. It is important to note that there will be a high demand for science and engineering jobs in the future.
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages – The bottom line in comparing financial aid packages is the final cost of your education to you and your family.  Learn how to accurately compare packages here.
  • SAT or ACT?  Which is Right for You? – While experts say that the new SAT is more straightforward and now more similar to the ACT in format and subject matter, there are still some important differences to consider before making your decision.

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