March 2019 College Counseling Newsletter


  • The Meaning of Fit –  Fit is frequently referred to when speaking with students about choosing the ‘right’ college, and many of those same students are puzzled about what is the ‘right’ fit. Here are some of the things to think about when we talk of “fit.”
  • Majoring in Advertising –  Few businesses are successful without advertising, and that is why it is a helpful major for practically any career. See if it’s right for you.
  • Free Money vs Loans –  In the world of college finances, there are just two kinds of money: “Great money – or Free money” – and “Not-so-Great money”. When does it make sense to choose one or both?
  • Choosing Next Year’s Curriculum –  For selective colleges, rigor of curriculum is one of the top factors in granting acceptance.  If you’re targeting one of these selective colleges, resist the temptation to make life easy, and opt for the most challenging program you can handle, while still leaving yourself time to enjoy your high school years.

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