March 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • The New SAT – Shorter and Online – The College Board is hoping that bringing their test into the 21st century will secure its future viability.  To that end, they have made a number of changes to the format and medium.  Read about these here.
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology – Majoring in this field prepares students for a wide range of careers in scientific research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology. There will be a high demand for science and engineering jobs in the future; learn more about this major here.
  • College Majors With the Best Return on Investment – High-income potential and low unemployment are the most important factors to consider when choosing a college major with a strong return on investment. But even more important, make sure your major fits your interests.
  • Waitlist Purgatory – Uh-oh. Your eagerly awaited decision letter from Dream University finally arrives and you learn that you’ve been offered not the hoped-for place in the class, but a spot on their waitlist.  What should you do now?

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