May 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Summer Plans – Crafting an Internship – No plans yet for summer? Consider: 1) how can my summer activity be more meaningful to me? and 2) how can my summer activity help me build a solid resume in preparation for a future college or job application? Now check out our advice.
  • Focus on Majors – Geodesign – Want to make a difference in our world? A Geodesign major will appeal to students interested in the application of geographic information systems to building more sustainable and resilient communities.  Learn about this relatively new major here.
  • Talking to Your Kids About Money – Unfortunately, many families never have a conversation about budgets or even reasonable spending expectations before students leave for college. Parents need to be aware of the realistic costs of books, clubs, activities, and midnight pizza runs. Students should not assume there is a limitless debit card at their disposal. Here are some things to consider before you have this important conversation.
  • College Search for Students with Learning Differences – Here are some tips to help you identify college campuses that could best fit, academically and socially, the needs of a student with learning differences.

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