December 2019 College Counseling Newsletter


  • How to Ace Your College Interview –  Find lots of tips here to help you navigate the interview process.  And then breathe deeply to calm yourself, put a big smile on your face, and walk in with confidence!
  • Majoring in Animation –  While animators often work in the entertainment industry, there are many jobs available in other fields also, such as advertising and education.
  • Understanding Your Student Aid Report –  Once you’ve completed your FAFSA, a Student Aid Report will be generated. The information on this report serves as the basis for determining your financial aid package.  This article explains the components of the SAR.
  • Dealing With Deferral –  As early college admissions decisions are released, some students will find themselves in the limbo-land of deferral.  Deferral means that your early application will be reconsidered within the context of the regular decision applicant pool.  What can you do to improve your chances of admission?

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