January 2020 College Counseling Newsletter


  • University or Liberal Arts College – Which is Right for You? Learn here about the differences. Then, decide what you require to meet your academic and personal needs and review answers to your questions after visiting both a small college and a large university.
  • Majoring in Food Sciences – Do you read the nutrition facts on the back of your cereal box in the morning? If so, a food sciences major might be for you.
  • Cutting the Cost of College – With the increasingly high price of a college education, families are eager to find ways to cut college costs.  Here are some ideas.
  • Receiving Accommodations on the ACT/SAT – It can be confusing for students with learning differences to apply for accommodations. Students must provide detailed official evidence of their disability. This includes a disability diagnosis by a credentialed professional, and official evidence of the impact the disability has had on the applicant’s school performance. Follow our roadmap.

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