November 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Answering the Unasked Questions – How will you benefit from attending our college? What will you contribute to our college? While you may not see these questions appearing on your college applications, if you address these topics in your applications, you will set yourself apart from other applicants and make a persuasive case for your admission.
  • Majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies – With the political climate in the United States so divisive at this time, a major that focuses on ways to solve problems peacefully may resonate with you.  The Peace and Conflict Studies major focuses on ways to improve justice and peace in the world. 
  • Do You Need to Submit the CSS Profile? – Although the bulk of financial aid money comes from the federal government and is distributed through the use of the FAFSA, over 240 colleges require an additional form, the CSS Profile.  Will you need to complete this form?
  • Impact on Others– Since the issuing of the 2016 Harvard report, Turning the Tide, many colleges have resolved to encourage applicants to show more meaningful contributions to others, through community service and engagement for the public good. What impact have you been having on others?
  • Acing That College Interview– It is expensive to have admission officers interview all or most applicants, so few colleges actually require interviews. But colleges encourage interviews as a way to help distinguish among all the students who have similarly impressive grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities. 

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