September 2022 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Making The Most of Your High School Years – Entering high school can be overwhelming; you’ll have far more options and opportunities as well as greater expectations. The choices you make through high school will have an impact on your future education. Here are some tips to navigate the journey.
  • Majoring in Chemistry – Students skilled in math, curious about the physical world and good at analysis and problem-solving may enjoy a major in chemistry. An abundance of job opportunities and career paths lie ahead for chemistry majors.
  • Studying Out-of-State at In-State Prices – Dreaming of going to college out-of-state but concerned about the costs? Because of agreements developed between some neighboring states, many out-of-state students pay tuition at the same or only slightly higher rate than in-state residents. Learn more here.
  • Do Safety Schools Really Exist Anymore? – As the college admission process becomes more complex, students are beginning to wonder if they are assured acceptance to their so-called ‘safety’ schools. 
  • Considering Early Decision? – Many of the highly selective colleges fill around half their class through ED; some fill a higher percentage, leaving little space in the regular round.  What are the benefits and risks of applying early decision?

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